Valpcraft Resource Pack 1.8, 1.7.10

The initial goal with Valpcraft was to create a softer version of the original look of minecraft, which to my taste is way too grainy. I drew most of my inspiration from Jolicraft, I would have been content in using Jolicraft if it wasn’t that some blocks where so redisigned so that they didn’t resemble the original blocks.

In Valpcraft most blocks are simply just cleaned up. I did redesign few of the blocks such as Wooden Planks, Bedrock, Netherrack, Glowstone, Grass/Dirt. I’ve also edited some of the items, like 3 out of 5 swords are now Light Sabres(Blue, Red, Green) and the Leather Armour is darker. The suns (yes, it’s a binary star system) are in HD, so are the 8 different “moons”.

The overall colouring, luminosity and resemblance of each individual Resource should be damn close to the original, so there will be no doubt which type of block is which.

Valpcraft Resource Pack for Minecraft Screenshots:

Valpcraft Resource Pack

Minecraft Valpcraft Texture Pack (2)

Minecraft Valpcraft Texture Pack (4)

Minecraft Valpcraft Texture Pack (5)

Minecraft Valpcraft Texture Pack (6)

How to install Valpcraft Resource Pack for Minecraft

  1. Download Valpcraft Resource Pack
  2. If this is HD Resource Pack, you have used the MCPatcher HD (or this wont function well). Open MCPatcher and click Patch. Make sure that the HD Textures option is selected. This only needs to be done once.
  3. Open Minecraft and click Resource Packs on the main menu.
  4. Click Open Resource pack folder. This opens up the folder where the Resource packs are stored. If the folder does not open you will need to manually locate it:
    • Windows: %AppData%\.minecraft\Resourcepacks
    • Linux: ~/.minecraft/Resourcepacks
    • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/Resourcepacks
  5. Place the Resource pack in the folder leaving the file as a .zip.
  6. The Resource pack will now show up in Minecraft. Simply click the pack and it will be applied to Minecraft!

Download Minecraft Valpcraft Resource Pack:

Valpcraft Resource Pack 1.6.4/1.6.2

Valpcraft Resource Pack 1.7.x

Valpcraft Resource Pack 1.8.x

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