Together Forever Tetris Skin

Together Forever Tetris Skin

It was just an ordinary day in the console, everyone functioning properly, no glitches or anything. Just another great day at Retro City. So many games were up and running, more than usual. Everyone was happy because their game was being played. Everyone had to work extra hard to satisfy the player on the other side. All the characters wanted to get out to the other side because they didn’t know what was waiting for them. Their main goal was to escape Retro City and start new lives on the other side, but they didn’t know that this was the day they’d reach their goal. Mario made up the plan, he invited Yoshi, Tetris, and Megaman to join him on the journey.

“Everyone, let’s a go! It’s a going to be a big day today!” Mario said.

“What if the plan fails?” Megaman said.

“I’m a positive it won’t, Megaman.” Mario replied.

Everyone was super excited to know how Mario would figure out on how to get to the other side and explore everything along the way.

“First, let’s a get to the power source to see if we can get out of here!” Mario insisted.

So off they went, traveling to the power source where all the games get their power from. Without the power source, they wouldn’t exist. Mario didn’t know how strong it was, but he was desperate. While they were walking towards the power source, they noticed that it was almost time for lights out because they could see through the screens that everyone was fading from the screen. They were going home. Mario didn’t care, he wanted to get out and he wanted to get out badly. He was tired of getting burnt by Bowser, taking care of Luigi, and he was for sure tired of saving the Princess. By the time they got to the power source, everyone had left. The janitor was just cleaning up before he left for home.

“So, what do I do?” Megaman asked.

“See a that button over there? I want you to press it when I say a so.” Mario demanded.

“Got it.” Replied Megaman.

” ▩ ▪ ▫ ▬ ▭?” Asked Tetris.

“Why of course, Tetris. You can help too! I want you to be there if anything bad happens so you can get help!” Mario said.

While they were figuring out how the rest of the plan was going to work, a mysterious man walked in holding a silenced revolver. He snuck up behind the janitor, and shot him in the back of the head. No one heard a thing. He turned around and locked the door. Then, he walked over to the control room and started pushing buttons and turning levers. He knew what he was doing because he had shut down several games before, but not this one. While he was working, he heard knocking at the door. It was the manager, he had forgotten his glasses on his front desk. Which were in the back room, where the janitor had been assassinated. The man walked over to the janitor, changed into his clothes, and rushed over to the front door with his gun holstered and behind his back. He unlocked the door for the manager.

“Thank you! Here, have a couple bucks.” The manager said, as he handed the man $10. While the manager calmly walked to his desk. He noticed a leg sticking out from behind one of the shelves. He was about to scream, when suddenly… He was shot dead too. His corpse fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

“Back to work.” The man said. He ran back to the control room and finished up his work. Then, he headed to the power source. Which was hooked up to Retro City. The power source looked the same on the inside and the outside. Mario, Megaman, Tetris, and Yoshi were all on the other side of the power source. All the man had to do was unplug the power source to shut down Retro City forever. Mario was on the other side, preparing to execute the plan.

“Megaman, when I say go, you unplug it!” He said.

“Waiting on you!” Megaman replied. The man was about to unplug the power source too.

“Alright, when I count down, you have to unplug it Megaman! Or else the whole plan will a fail! When I press this button, you unplug it to convert us into the real world people!” Mario said.

“Ok.” Megaman said nervously. The man had his hands on the power source. Ready to unplug it as well. He motioned his hand to rip the cord out of it’s socket.

“3, 2, 1, Megaman! Unplug it!” Mario yelled.

The man and Megaman had unplugged it at the exact same time.

“OH NOOOO!!” *◟ ◠ ◡ ◢ ◣ ◤ ◥ ◦ ◧ ◨ ◟ ◠ ◡ ◢ ◣ ◤ ◥ ◦ ◧ ◟ ◠ ◡ ◢ ◣ ◤ ◥ ◦ ◧ ◨*

The plan had worked, but not as they expected it to. Everyone had fused together, making them look like a mess. Tetris was on top, Yoshi and Mario were in the middle, and Megaman was on the bottom. The man was standing there shocked. He didn’t know what had happened. The characters had become powerful, more powerful than ever. All of their powers combined. They were unstoppable. The power source had corrupted their memory, turning them hostile against anything that gets in their way. The mesh of characters started inching towards the man. The man was backing up, trying to get away from the creature. As he was walking back, he tripped over the body of the manager, sending the man to the ground. The keys to the door fell out of his pocket and behind one of the racks in the game store. The man got up, and ran to the door, not knowing that he no longer had the keys. He forgot he locked the door after he killed the manager, and he was prying at the door to open it, but nothing moved.

“HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!” He screamed.


“WHAT ARE YOU?!” The man asked.

“Your worst nightmare…” Said the creature.


Together Forever Tetris Skin Installation

  1. Download Together Forever Tetris Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Log into your account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

Download Together Forever Tetris Skin

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