The Travelers Mod Pack 1.7.10

The Travelers Mod Pack 1.7.10. Imagine that some of the most famous and influential scientists worked together towards a common goal, dimensional travel.  What if these same scientists formed a secret society so their research could be handed down to a select few that would continue what they started?  What if you were one of those selected?

The Travelers Mod Pack

You have been attending MIT for 3 years and are the only 22 year old freshman on campus.  Your parents have decided you should withdraw and enroll at the local community college.  On your way to your dorm to pack, someone runs into the back of you.  You turn around, but there isn’t anyone there.  There isn’t even anyone within 50 yards of you.  You think it’s strange, but probably just your imagination.

Back at your dorm packing, you wonder how you let things get so out of control.  In high school you were one of the most promising students.  Just then you noticed that there was a piece of folded paper in your pocket, it reads…

If you have received this invitation do not take it lightly, for if you accept, the challenges ahead are truly life or death.  If you succeed, then you will have attained the most amazing knowledge and skills imaginable.  If you are the person in which we believe, then you will make your way to building 6C.


at the behest of E.R., M.P., O.B., N.T.

Thinking this is some sort of joke, you head over to building 6C and walk through the glass double doors straight into the entry commons when all the sudden there is a deafening sound that you can only liken to a jet breaking the sound barrier.  Simultaneously you see a wave of bright white light sweep over you…

Mod list:

  • CodeChickenCore (by chicken_bones)
  • NotEnoughItems (by chicken_bones)
  • Iguanas Tinker Tweaks (by bonusboni)
  • Project Red – Base (by Mr_TJP)
  • Custom Main Menu (by lumien231)
  • Waila (by ProfMobius)
  • CoFH Core (by TeamCoFH)
  • Waila Harvestability (by squeek502)
  • Buildcraft (by CovertJaguar)
  • Redstone Arsenal (by TeamCoFH)
  • Ender Zoo (by CrazyPants_MC)
  • Iron Chests (by progwml6)
  • Applied Energistics 2 (by AlgorithmX2)
  • Carpenter’s Blocks (by Syntaxial)
  • Thermal Expansion (by TeamCoFH)
  • Iron Backpacks (by gr8pefish)
  • Dense Ores (by RWTema)
  • MineTweaker3 (by StanH)
  • Jabba (by ProfMobius)
  • Thermal Dynamics (by TeamCoFH)
  • Buildcraft Compat (by buildcraftchildsplay)
  • Project Red – Integration (by Mr_TJP)
  • Inventory Tweaks (by Kobata)
  • EnderCore (by tterrag1098)
  • Resource Loader (by lumien231)
  • Thermal Foundation (by TeamCoFH)
  • Tinkers Construct (by mDiyo)
  • Mantle (by mDiyo)
  • Dungeon Mobs (by GnomeWorks)
  • TiC Tooltips (by squeek502)
  • INpureCore (by INpureProjects)
  • Railcraft (by CovertJaguar)
  • Project Red – Compat (by Mr_TJP)
  • Wawla – What Are We Looking At (by darkh4x)
  • Ender IO (by CrazyPants_MC)
  • Extra Utilities (by RWTema)
  • Morpheus (by quetzi)
  • Steve’s Factory Manager (by Vswe)
  • Calculator (by Ollie_Lansdell)
  • Baublelicious (by UnwrittenFun)
  • Iron Tanks (by Indemnity83)
  • McJtyLib (by McJty)
  • RFTools (by McJty)
  • Mapwriter 2 (by VectronDiablon)
  • FTBLib (by FTB)
  • FTB Utilities (by FTB)
  • Ships Mod (by Cuchaz)
  • Roguelike Dungeons (by Greymerk)
  • Gravestone (by NightKosh)
  • ExtrabiomesXL (by Annysia)
  • Forge Relocation (by Mr_TJP)
  • Forge Relocation – FMP Plugin (by Mr_TJP)
  • Baubles (by azanor)
  • Ancient Warfare 2 (by shadowmage45)
  • MrTJPCore (by Mr_TJP)
  • Forge Multi Part (by chicken_bones)
  • BigReactors (by Erogenous Beef)

The Travelers Mod Pack Installation

  1. First you need download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Then download this Minecraft mod file at link below.
  3. Go to %appdata%. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “mods” folder does’nt exist in your PC, you’ll need create one.
  6. Then drag and drop the downloaded .jar (or .zip) file into mods folder.
  7. Enjoy.

Download The Travelers Mod Pack

The Travelers Mod Pack 1.7.10, 1.7.2

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