The Monster Inside Skin


Miners were considered low not only physically down in the Earth but as people as well. Markus Swanson and his group of 8 miners  discovered an extraordinary cave filled with ores, chests, and ancient resources never before seen. But, there luck had run out, for there was a sudden burst and the light was shattered with the sound and shape of clashing rocks. It was a cave in. After some searching, there was no way to get out for the rocks that fell were unbreakable. They had to just linger for a help that would likely never come. They all felt with sorrow, but none like Markus. He started to take walks through the caves away from the group and his eyes became a dull blue once flamboyant. One day Markus disappeared on one of his long walks in the cave and never came back. Being an extremely large cave, Markus was not seen for over a week. But signs were still present of him, engravings in the wall and blood drops. One day, the crew realized they were down to six, one was gone as well, but they didn’t know who because they were so tired. Then, thumps came from the cave forming into a silhouette. It was Markus. His skin was turning green and reptilic, but why. They looked on his right arm to see a parasite had taken over him. They don’t know what it was or how it did it, but it had almost looked like he was born with it. The scariest part was the face. It looked as if he had cut his own face off and stuck on the face of the other lost miner. The face had become yellow with decay and Markus smell that of a corpse. Years and years later passed until we found him. But it was too late. Markus’ monster killed every man and almost every sign of life there. He still lurks in the deep, watching, waiting, to attack and shed your blood over the stone cold earth. None know what that parasite was, but they think that it came from him. Inside him. His body created it himself. I guess it lives up to the metaphor..

The Monster Inside Skin


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  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.7+ Skin 64×64

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