The Lost Hero Boss Battle Skin

The Lost Hero

Before the hero we all know known as Steve there was another grand hero that roamed the land, who defended villages and fought against mighty beasts. Finally, after years and years fighting, wondering, and protecting every inch of his realm he had defeated every foul monster in existence. He didn’t have a name, only a title. The Great Defender.

Many weeks passed until a villager came stubling into his hut, “My lord, there is something out in the wood of the Great East! Many have gone to explore but none have returned, until last night where an unknown enemy fast as lighting came out and attacked and burned the village! There is a great panic!” The messanger said, he was exhausted and looked like he had traveled a long while, “Why don’t you go lay down and help yourself to any food here, I will investgate. You have done well, sir.” with that he put on his armor and left to go to the East.

It took him a days travel but he arrived to find rubble and ruin of what was once a village, dead lay everywhere and down the hill he saw the forest. He went into the forest where even though it was light out there was almost complete darkness inside, he only saw the rough outline of trees, he looked up to see the think branches and many a leaf covering his view of the fun. Then suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw something move, it was quick and didn’t make a sound.

He drew his long sword and went deeper into the wood. Something grabbed onto his leg he turned to see rapped around his ankle a…branch! He cut it with his sword and saw now the whole forest was alive, the branches and roots of the tree’s moving like snakes, he starting chopping them as soon as each tried to strike but he was quickly growing tired and he was facing an enemie very ancient. Then a branch rapped around his knee and pulll him to the ground, suddenly thousands of branches were binding him down like rope, mummifying him. Then there was darkness as they cut off his vision, he was being pulled into the ground, he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t see, as he gave up hope he passed out from lack of air.

He awake suddenly, he was surprised he was alive with no clue how long he had been trapped underground, he started to climb out of the now soft dirt, his bindings now easy to break. He looked around to see the wood now shriveled up and dying. He walked out to see a new village upon the hill, not only small and made of wood but with stone for foundation and triple the size. He went to it but when he moved his right arm stayed in place, he look at his and saw it was completely made of wood, he looked at a nearby puddle and saw also the side of his face was wood aswell, he tried removing the bark but soon realizd his arm and part of his mask had became wood itself. He finally pulled it free from the ground and started staggering over to the village.

He made it but when people saw him they started to run, did they not know who he was? He had saved them all from the beasts of the night. He cried out for help, some men stopped fleeing to look back at the man, the armored hero tried to remove his helmet but could not, it, and his armor was apart of him now. The men ran over to see if he was going to attack, knifes hiding behind there back. “I mean no harm to you, I am a warrior! If you assist me now I shall defend your village from the beasts of the night!” the hero pleaded, “We shall help you but protect us you dcon’t need to do, a great hero named Steve guards us already.” one of them replied, “ha! What kinda of hero is named Steve, have- have you heard of the one called the Great Defender?” he asked, “No, never, Steve the Great has been protecting us for as long as this realm has been shaped.” the same man replied.

He was forgotten, he had spent his life risking his life for others and when he leaves they forget him!? He was going to find this Steve and he was going to kill him himself to show that he was the greatest an bravest in the realm! In a blind range he killed the men and every man, woman and child in that village, when he finished he realized what he had done but could find no guilt within him, he came to a conclusion, he would still kill Steve, the imposter, he would be Steve’s final adversary and when he was done he would kill all those who had forgotten him and who now whorshipped this fool!

The Lost Hero Boss Battle Skin

The Lost Hero Boss Battle Skin Installation:

  1. Download The Lost Hero Boss Battle Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Log into your account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

Download The Lost Hero Boss Battle Skin:


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  1. TheHolyGamer

    Hey I love the skin but can you make one skin of it that didn’t have a wood arm of fave please I think it would look awesome

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