Spire of Babylon Map

The Story
When Steve crawled forward using his last power a shadow appeared infront of him. As Steve said his last prayer the shadow begann to talk:”Oh boy, you look awful! Come on, get up. My name is Alatro!”
A stone fell frome Steves heart and he let Alatro help him stand up. Grateful he took the bottle which Alatro
was giving him and drank it in one draught. After that he already felt a little bit better.
Steve looked around and saw that Alatro was sitting on a little cart with a cow, which had to drag it. But there was still nothing but sand in his field of view.
“What are you doing at this dead place?”, he asked his Savior.
Alatro smiled at him and said:”Could ask you the same! Come on, sit next to me!”
As the sun fell down, Steve jumped up the cart and sat next to Alatro.
“I live here”, he said. Steve looked at him surprised. “Out here?”
“Well, it looks like you dont know, where I am from?”
“I just met you!”, Steve said and laughed, but Alatro watched straight.
There was nothing they could here but the breathing and moaning of the cow for a while.
Then Alatro asked:”Do you know the legend about the City of Babylon?”
Steve knew many stories. He had killed many creatures and he even defeated the dark Wither, but he had never heared of Babylon before. He shoke his head and Alatro begann to talk again:”Thought so… You know, once we were a huge tribe traveling around the desert, but we had no home” He made a break and looked upwards. The sky was getting darker, as the moon rose at the horizon. “We had great lives, but there was like an empty space in our hearts. We wanted something bigger!”, Alatro was silent…
“What did happen?”, asked Steve inquisitive.
Alatro brethed heavily. “We built a city in the heart of the desert. We called it Babylon, and we wanted to reach the very top of heaven! Over the years our city grew and it became a centre of trading in the desert! Our empire was infinitely as a mountain. Can you imagine that?”
“Actually, yes, but then why dont I know about Babylon?”
“It was… it was…”
“It all belongs to the past. Our city was huge and famous, but the desert, which was actually a place of life these times,
became unfriendly and lethal. Fewer and fewer human came to Babylon and slowly we got isolated. Our folk has been forgotten and our city became a legend!”
A sad feeling crawled over Steves Soul.
“I am sorry”, whispered Steve.
“You dont have to”, Alatro said.”We still have a great live, we just dont meet strangers often.”
“But how can you survive without water?”,he wondered.
Alatro giggled. “We dont. We got water. Something happened long ago. Somehow there is a headwaters inside of our city. A mystic source of water, which appeared in our darkest hour. Just when we were about to die of thirst something placed it there.”
“We still dont know what it is, but we are not afraid. It helps us!”
Steve thought about what Alatro told him. He had never heared of something like that. He knows legends about a dimension called Aether, which should be able to reach with water, but he had never reached it. Water is a huge mystery and there are some structures in the deep sea even Steve has not discovered yet.
“What is your profession in Babylon? How do you earn you money?”, he asked Alatro, who was looking around like a little dog, just as if he would have smelled something.
“We dont use money. That would break our system. If someone needs something, we help eachother. And I am making sort of colthes, by the way. Its fun, and all my ancestors did so too, so yeah.”
Slowly a towersummit begann to grow at the horizon. “Is this your city?”, Steve asked in sudden excitement.
Alatro smiled and his face relaxed. “Yes, this my new friend, is Babylon!”

Babylon seemed to be rising as they came nearer. Many towers with red peaks and houses close to eachother as if they would cuddle. An airballon was hovering high in the sky and Alatro waved at it. “You want to visit me for a while?”;he asked Steve. “There is much to see and you can also learn in our libraries. We have everything you need and you can leave whenever you want!”
Steve did not hesitate a single second and he screamed the answer into the gloomy night.

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Spire of Babylon Map Installation:

  1. Download Spire of Babylon Map
  2. On Windows, use keys Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (On a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/). This will open the saves folder.
  3. Drag your downloader map (after unzip or unrar) in the zip/rar folderMap into saves folder.
  4. Close windows and reopen Minecraft.
  5. Select your map and play.

Download Spire of Babylon Map:

Spire of Babylon Map.zip

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