Sn0wZone Resource Pack 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.7.10

Sn0wZone Resource Pack 1.10.2, 1.9.4, 1.7.10. Snow Zone Resource Pack. Every sound and texture is replaced across all versions of the game, and in 1.45 INCLUDES all of the EQUINE sounds!!! The sound pack adds very realistic sounds, all original music to records and ambient tracks, and offers a fresh and stunning new take on the entirety of the realm of Minecraft. It truly is like playing an entirely different game! Vanilla sounds like a box of toys…SnowSong sounds like a FULLY immersive artistic expression! You WILL be amazed! You WILL be terrified! You WILL find yourself becoming more deeply buried in the Mines than ever. AND you’re gonna LOVE IT!

Sn0wZone Resource Pack


  • Resolutions from 64x to 512x!
  • Works with ALL MODS! This ain’t just for vanilla!!!!
  • All music discs are replaced with original songs by Alecia M. Shepherd!
  • All ambient music tracks are replaced with original compositions and performances by Alecia Shepherd, specifically for Minecraft by AMS/Sn0wShepherd, including the extensive new song selection in 1.7.X and I did all this work for FREE! Eat that, C418!!!
  • Boss fight music for the Wither and for the Ender Dragon!
  • Every sound effect replaced for every version of Vanilla! Not one sound left inferior!

(EXCLUSIVE to 1.7.x and above)

  • Enderdragon Boss Fight Music!
  • Menu Music!
  • Nether-Specific Music!
  • End-Dimension-Specific Music!
  • Ending Credits Music!
  • Expanded song selections for ambiance without replacing files!
  • Really spooky cave ambiance…MIND-BLOWING realism that will frighten your nose rings out!
  • Even scarier monsters! Renew your anxiety and fear by adjusting to the new mob sounds; and trust me, they are designed to be VERY scary and realistic; and sometimes utterly terrifying (just ask the cows!).
  • Multiple versions to tailor your experience to your preferences with 60 full original scores of MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC, precious blessed MUSIC, composed in the midst of my most musically creative year EVER!
  • No-Hurt versions of SnowSong assure that you hear no screeches of pain or death from any of the real-to-life animals such as duckens, cows, pigs, etc…monsters still have injury and death sounds.
  • Files hosted personally and privately so NO ADS EVER!
  • Always gonna be 100% FREE! No monetization, NO ADS, just get it, click it and enjoy! YEAH!
  • And now featuring BLAZE-Approved fast download speeds!!!

Sn0wZone Resource Pack Installation

  1. Download Sn0wZone Resource Pack
  2. If this is HD Resource Pack, you have used the MCPatcher HD (or this wont function well). Open MCPatcher and click Patch. Make sure that the HD Textures option is selected. This only needs to be done once.
  3. Open Minecraft and click Resource Packs on the main menu.
  4. Click Open Resource pack folder. This opens up the folder where the Resource packs are stored. If the folder does not open you will need to manually locate it:
    • Windows: %AppData%\.minecraft\Resourcepacks
    • Linux: ~/.minecraft/Resourcepacks
    • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/Resourcepacks
  5. Place the Resource pack in the folder leaving the file as a .zip.
  6. The Resource pack will now show up in Minecraft. Simply click the pack and it will be applied to Minecraft!

Download Sn0wZone Resource Pack

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