Salim Ramal – The Sand Exporter Skin

Brilliant Businessman or hidden arms dealer? Today we present you our interview with Salim Ramal.
– In the beggining tell us who are you?
– I am Salim and I am owner of SalSand Company.
– What is your company doing?
– We are the biggest company in our regin. SalSand is still growing
– Tell me how did you get the idea?
– When I was young I was living in a small town on desert. I thought, that whole world looks like that place, like desert.
But when I’ve learned how to read, I read a book about geography and for me world started to be nicer place. When I got older I had started to travel.
While traveling I’ve read tons of books and realised, that there are people, who need sand for several reasons.
I’ve got an idea: if I have a lot of sand and someone might need it, why not sell it to them?
– What do you offer then?
– Anything made out of sand including sand itself. We produce sandstone, glass, bottles
– You didnt mentioned TNT. As we know, in your region operates very dangerous terrorist organisation known as Al-Creepah.
– No comment.
After these words he refused to continue interview. Salim Ramal denies illegal production of explosive materials by his company. Salim Ramal - The Sand Exporter Skin


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Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

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