RPCraft Mod 1.8.9, 1.8

RPCraft Mod 1.8.9, 1.8 adds Blocks to augment your Adventure Maps and RP servers, or any Minecraft game!

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The RPCraft Toolkit features:

Locks and Keys – Great for Adventure Maps, but also useful for servers (to be given to specific factions/teams/kingdoms). Only available in Creative Mode. Players just need the right key in their inventory, no need to pull it out every time! Doors can only be opened by players holding the correct door key in their inventory. Clicking a locking block while you have the right block key works like a button, so many Redstone possibilities. Keys can also be renamed without any loss of functionality, so have whatever texture and name fits your needs.

How the Locks and Keys work:
Locked Doors cannot be opened except by a player who has the appropriate Door Key in their inventory.  Even redstone will not budge them.

But get the matching Door Key and you can open it to your heart’s content.  Each door has a Door Key that matches it’s color.  Red Door Key opens Red Locked Doors, Yellow Door Key opens Yellow Locked Doors, etc.

The best part is you don’t have to click the door with the key, simply having it in your inventory is enough to let you open and close the door at will.

The Locked Blocks work in a very similar way, but they are like a button.  Clicking on them without the right Block Key will do nothing.

But if you have the matching Block Key in your inventory, clicking them will produce a redstone pulse.  Once again there is a matching Block Key for each color of Locked Block.

This lets you set up even more elaborate things to hide behind your locks.  Maybe make the floor open and drop the player into a deep dungeon.  Maybe texture the key to be a plunger and the lock to be the box and use it to set off some TNT that blows open an old mine.  Whatever you can make with redstone can be used with the Locked Blocks.

The Locks and Keys are available from the Creative Mode inventory only!  After all, what use would it be to lock your base on a public server if some troll could craft the key and then come in anyway.  On servers, the Moderators can hand them out, and on single player just use a little cheating to give yourself some if you want them.

The uses for the locks are many and awesome!  Use them to lock sections of your Adventure Map and control player progress, send your player on a quest to find the 7 keys needed to open the ancient tower or have several different keys to the treasure room with different localized names that all open the same door.  Use them on a PVP server and give each team one color to secure their base and various outposts.  Have them on an RP server so there’s always a part of your castle where you can hide away when being king becomes too tiring.
Lifeshard – This Creative-Only item heals a player by half a heart instead of going into their inventory when they pick it up off the ground. Put it in a dispenser for Arena games. Use the Crates below and you can imitate your own Action RPG.

Tables and Chairs – The first thing I added long ago. Not the only furniture for Minecraft anymore, but I always prefer the blocky look that matches Minecraft. Plus, we’ve added more options. Wooden table and chairs available in all the standard wood options. Stone tables and chairs in the new polished stone, obsidian, quartz, iron or even prismarine. Lots of options for thrones, altars, or use it to make your own “round” table.

Shields and Swords to hang on your Wall – Decorations for any dungeon or throne room. Shields available in Wood, Iron, Gold or Diamond. Each available in all 16 basic colors for whatever suits your needs. Pair it with a sword or hang some crossed swords nearby!

Carriage Lanterns – When you want some lighting choices besides just torches!  Add stained glass for your own personal touch.  Also, can be shut off by applying a redstone signal to the block its placed on.  And if you think “hey, that gives me an idea, what if you could shut off torches as well, so I could unexpectedly kill the lights for a dramatic scene on my adventure map?” well, try sneaking when you place one 😉 .  (Note, doesn’t work with the stained glass models).
Lamppost – Turn a carriage Lantern into a street light.  Transmits redstone signal so they can still be shut off.

Dressers – Now your bedroom can have more than just a bed in it.  Each drawer has it’s own small inventory.
Crates – Comes in two sizes. Because sometimes your Adventure Map needs a showdown in a warehouse, or your hidden basement exit needs to be behind something. Crates can also be used to store/give a player items, if you would like. See below.

Any stack of items placed in the empty space in the Crafting Table when crafting a crate will be stored inside it.

If the Crates being used to craft a Large Crate contain any items, the Large Crate will contain them as well.

When broken, both Crates and Large Crates drop wood, nails, and the items that were inside. Why would you want to do this? Well, you might just want to have Large Crates full of of coal, I won’t judge. But more specifically, Adventure Map makers can put a small stack of items (food items, Lifeshards, whatever currency you’re using) in them and then treat them like a pot, crate, barrel, etc in any action RPG. And with that in mind, you can set it in the Config so that it won’t drop the slabs and nails.

Chimney Top – This fairly simple block with make smoke particles if there is a lit fire or furnace below it (technically up to 20 blocks directly below it or 1 away in any cardinal direction).  Have a real-looking chimney or smokestack.  Pairs quite well with the Firestone.

The Firestone – This insanely useful block lights on fire when a redstone signal is applied, and cannot be put out so long as the signal remains on.  Hide a secret behind your fireplace! Create burning tile puzzles!  Endless possibilities, just don’t burn down your house!

Spikes – Perfect for that lost temple or even just putting a ditch behind your walls with a nasty surprise.  Customize the damage in the config!

Upgraded Vanilla Blocks – Adding new doors and fences was one of the best parts of 1.8, but why did Mojang stop there? Well, we’ve picked up the slack! Now the type of material used will make a difference in a lot more blocks. Many more slab, wall, and stairs choices, including mossy stone finally. Bookshelves in every wood type (that are still perfect for Enchanting Tables). Trapdoors as well (designed to match their corresponding door). And beds that vary based on both wood and the wool chosen, now the bed can actually match the style of the room.

Now Configurable as well!

Check the Mod Options when you start Minecraft to change the Bed Recipe (so vanilla beds are craftable), set damage for spikes, and turn off my slab and stair textures. (Some blocks are designed so that they look rounded or textured a certain way at the the edges. It bothers me when other mods turn them into slabs or stairs and don’t account for that, so I did. but if you don’t have that particular form of OCD, you can change it in the config.


Locked Blocks, Locked Doors, and Keys:No recipes, creative mode only!




Shield with Sword:

Crossed Swords:

Iron IngotsIronIngotRecipe

Iron NailIron Nail Recipe

Carriage Lantern:LanternRecipe

LamppostLamppost Recipe

Colored Carriage Lanterns:ColoredLanternRecipe

Chimney TopChimney Top Recipe


SpikesSpikes Recipe

Stained SpikesStained Spikes Recipe

Blackened SpikesBlackened Spikes

Blackened Stained Spikes

Blackened Stained Spikes

Blackened Stained Spikes Recipe 2

Dresser Recipe


Crate Recipe

Large Crates

Large Crate Recipe

Trapdoors to match the new doors:

Different colors of bookshelf:

Beds that vary on both the type of wood AND the type of wool:

New Slabs:

New Stairs

Stairs Recipes

New Walls:

RPCraft Mod Installation

  1. First you need download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Then download this Minecraft mod file at link below.
  3. Go to %appdata%. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “mods” folder does’nt exist in your PC, you’ll need create one.
  6. Then drag and drop the downloaded .jar (or .zip) file into mods folder.
  7. Enjoy.

Download RPCraft Mod

RPCraft Mod 1.8

RPCraft Mod 1.8.9

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