Not Enough Items Mod 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2

Not Enough Items Mod 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2 (NEI) is a successor to both Too Many Items and Recipe Book. It arose around the same time as Craft Guide when Alexandria and a few others on the IRC suggested that I merge both Too Many Items and Recipe Book to remove their greatest flaws, ironically too many items, or in the case of recipe book, too many recipies. Too Many Items was great, but the one thing it lacked was an easy way to search and sort your items. When you had a mod like Red Power coming along with 10000 items both TMI and Recipe Book were racking up the pages. Even if you don’t want to use NEI for cheating in items, you will likely feel right at home with the Recipe component of the mod.

Not Enough Items Mod

What makes this one so much better than Too many items?

  • Recipe Mode (Crafting, Smelting, Brewing)
  • Item Searching
  • Item Subset Dropdown menu (Hiding\Showing)
  • Complete SMP support if installed on server
  • Enchantment Sector
  • All types of Mob Spawners obtainable and place able.
  • Magnetic Mode
  • Heal Button
  • Mob Spawners in SMP show the mob type
  • Advanced configuration files
  • In game Options Menu
  • A few handling tweaks
  • An Extended API supporting extended item damages, mod based sorting tags and custom recipes with ModLoader type loader

Not Enough Items Mod Installation:

While Minecraft Forge is not required if it isn’t installed you won’t be able to see mobs in mobspawner items.

The process for installing NEI has changed. (For the easier AGAIN!).

  • Install Modloader OR MinecraftForge lastest into the jar.
  • Place the CodeChickenCore jar file into the coremods folder.
  • Place the NEI jar file into the coremods folder.
  • Place any modules’ zip files in the mods folder.

Download Minecraft Not Enough Items Mod:

Not-Enough-Items-mod 1.8 (mirror)

Not-Enough-Items-mod 1.7.10 (mirror)

Not-Enough-Items-mod 1.7.2

Not-Enough-Items-mod 1.6.4 – (Source)

Not-Enough-Items-mod 1.5.2/1.5.1 – (Source)

10 thoughts on “Not Enough Items Mod 1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2

  1. sttrouble

    I am trying to ge thte mod for 1.7.2 but it keeps taking me to a 404 not found site instead.. please help

  2. Carlos

    NEI is not compatible with Minecraft 1.7.10
    I installed Forge and when I try to launch Minecraft it crashes only if this mod is in mods folder.
    I tried to use the version you link to download ( and the latest one ( but it do not work anyway.

  3. Steve

    Instructions sure are not clear. There is no coremods directory under .minecraft. Installing into the mods directory crashes the game.

  4. Steve

    There is no corechicken.jar. There is no nei.jar. There is just a NotEnoughItems-1.7.10- I’ve installed a lot of mods and this is crazy.

  5. Steve

    Okay, you need to clear up the instructions. First of all they need to visit to load two things: first select code chicken core. Download the latest universal version. This will be CodeChickenCore-1.7.10-, not corechicken.jar as you are mislead above. Sheesh!

    Then click the Not Enough Items tab and download the latest of that. This is the NotEnoughItems-1.7.10-1.02.15 or whatever is the latest version, it is not nei.jar like the instructions above say. Yikes.


    Now forget all the instructions above about the coremods folder, there isn’t any. Dump ’em both in the mods folder and go play the game with NEI. Sheesh!

    Now people can actually use your great mod. It’s 99% great work but the 1% you messed up, the instructions, prevent many from enjoying the best single mod for Minecraft.

  6. Miles

    it successfully download the mod onto 1.7.10 but it only shows the options key in the inventory. Help Anybody?

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