Mineopoly Map

I saw a lot of Monopoly designs on YouTube, but none of them was 100% full automatic. With full automatic I mean a game where you can play “without a keyboard”. Here this is possible! Controled by more than 2500 commandblocks the game takes the player who has his turn and teleport him to the dice. After he roll the dice the player will teleported to the right position. A player can not get out of any “Street” or room. There are protected with invisble walls. So cheating is not possible. 🙂

Map Features:

  • – STREETS | You can buy any Street/Railroad/Complany like in the orginal Monopoly game!

(If you have enough money)

  • – HOUSES | If you have all streets of one color you are able to build houses!
  • – DICE | The dice have a Doublets function! If you get like 6 and 6 you are allowed

to roll the dice again!

  • – PRISON | If you roll 3 doubles in a succession, go on the prison field or get the “Go to

the jail” card you go to the prison! You have 3 ways to get out.
* Buy free
* Redeem the Chance or Community Chest card.
* Roll the dice. (Like in the orginal game only 3 times)

  • – Chests | Get chance or community chest cards to win money, loose money, go to prison or…

/Chance (28 different cards!)

  • – CHANGE | It is possible to change things every time! If you want to build houses or sell things to get


Mineopoly Map (1)

Mineopoly Map (5)

Mineopoly Map (3)

Mineopoly Map (4)

Mineopoly Map (2)



  1. Download Mineopoly Map
  2. On Windows, use keys Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (On a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/). This will open the saves folder.
  3. Drag your downloader map (after unzip or unrar) in the zip/rar folderMap into saves folder.
  4. Close windows and reopen Minecraft.
  5. Select your map and play.

Download Mineopoly Map:

 Mineopoly Map.zip

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