How to Fix Minecraft no sound Error

After a successful run on Microsoft Windows, Minecraft has still a noticeable issue unresolved for many gamers. This issue is regarding an out of order game sound. If you trying to enable the sounds of Minecraft, experience a game crashed to the desktop. You need refer to the following text to find out a suitable fix for this problem.

How to Fix Minecraft no sound Error

Check Internet Connectivity

Make sure the internet is connected to your system, while you launch Minecraft. Sounds of the game are supposed to be downloaded through force update. Most probably, the issue has resulted from to an incomplete force download due to a broken internet connection.

Remove Old Update Files

Then you have do is to access the main folder of Minecraft. As a result of incomplete update process, the previous files downloaded might be broken or corrupt. Before to download the required files again, you have to remove the old files. In .minecraft folder, delete all the files except the launcher.

Force Update

Double click to run the launcher file in the same application folder. Soon as the launcher starts, click on the Force Update button and let the update start. Please have patience, as it could take some while in downloading all the required data files. Also, make sure to sustain the internet connection. On the completion of update process, close down the launcher and restart it. It would rather prove better to restart the entire login session.

Start New Game

When you are done with downloading and restarting, go back to the application folder or run the launcher through a shortcut method. Now start a new game session as single player. You may not be able to hear sounds and music at the first place, therefore, do not get anxious. Just wait for a few minutes, as the required data for sounds has not yet been downloaded.

Download the Sounds

If you have been tolerant all this time, you will finally be presented with a message prompt to download the sounds, automatically. All you have to do is just a single click and it will perform the rest on its own. It will hopefully, be a quick process and you can then enjoy the Minecraft experience.

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