Minecraft fans get Microsoft’s Hololens preview

Hololens e3

Ten thousand Minecraft fans gathered in London on Saturday and Sunday for a convention celebrating the popular video game.

Microsoft, which owns Minecraft, gave a handful of gamers a “golden ticket” to try out its new augmented reality device Hololens.

The company is developing a version of Minecraft to run on the system. It allows gamers to see their creations projected onto almost any flat surface in 3D.

Callum Ward, who tried the device on Saturday, told BBC News it was “more difficult” to use than a console.

His brother Toby agreed it took some getting used to, but praised the “cool features” added to the game, including the ability to zap other players with lightning strikes.

Minecon 2015 broke a world record for the number of tickets sold for an event focusing on just one game.

Among the crowd were YouTube video stars Robert and Vik, better known as MrWoofless and Vikkstar123HD.

Vik told the BBC: “Minecon is such a great experience for us as YouTubers. We create content for an audience across the world and it’s rare that we get to go and meet them.”

Via bbc.com

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