How to fix Minecraft Crash for Windows 8

fix Minecraft Crash

If you are using a Windows 8 PC and your Minecraft crashing you may need fix it. You can do all or some of the following:

  • 1.) Update your video drivers to newest Windows 8 drivers provided by the manufacturer.
  • 2.) Download and install Java 32bit for Windows 8. (you can install 64-bit too, but I will explain this later)
  • 2.) Add an exclusion to Minecraft.exe for Windows Defender. Instructions above.
  • 3.) Open and update Minecraft, go into the Options and change “Render Distance” to “Normal.”

This solved all performance issues. The exclusion for Windows Defender prevents the virus scanner from scanning Minecraft while it’s running. We know Minecraft generates data as it runs and this only slows down the game. (and can cause a crash) Java 64-bit does not work properly. It will Blue Screen of Death the PC if you set Render Distance to Far. (Far requires 64-bit) I tested this repeatedly. I would run the client on Normal. Play for a bit and then just switch to “Far.” Instant BSOD, every time.

The first two steps are no brainers. If you can run the game after drivers / Java updates, good for you. Some others will require additional steps.

This guide tested and working successfully on Windows 8 Pro 64-bit. Graphic card is a HD 6950 2GB.


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