Minecraft 1.8 Pre-release 2 Download

Minecraft 1.8 Pre-release 2

Minecraft Pre-release 1.8-pre2 is now available and fixes the following issues:

  • [Bug MC-46082] – Crashes when populating a chunk with empty (void) columns
  • [Bug MC-57926] – Thrown splash potions have the colour of water
  • [Bug MC-64521] – Inverted Daylight Sensor doesn’t drop anything when mined
  • [Bug MC-67626] – Item frames do not work outside 524289 x -524288 coordinates
  • [Bug MC-68718] – Placing Redstone dust on certain other objects destroy the object
  • [Bug MC-68726] – Skin is using wrong model
  • [Bug MC-68740] – Cannot Summon Fireball/WitherSkull With/Without Direction (Unable To Summon Object)
  • [Bug MC-68748] – Crash: Command “Summon SmallFireball” on Mobs!

The pre-release is available if you have activated development versions in the launcher.

PS. If you need the default Steve? skin (oh, I wonder why…), you can download it here: steve.png

Download Minecraft 1.8 Official:




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