Mechalution Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2

Mechalution Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2 adds a large variety of highly customizable mechanics, from runes that accelerate crop growth to teleportation abilities.

Mechalution Mod

Mechalution has been a personal journey for me, through my life experiences I learned new things, began to see the world in new ways. Much of my experience is hidden behind this ‘wrapper’ of a Minecraft Mod. That’s Mechalution for me at least, for you it is a crazy mod with a mixture of different bits and pieces you may choose to use or ignore depending on your own personal goal. I can neither force you to use, or to ignore anything, I merely hope you find enjoyment out of it.

Mechalution Mod

Recipes, Guides and Such

Altar Crafting

Altar Crafting is completed by binding several Pedestals to a single Altar through use of a Staff. The layout can be however the player so chooses and the max linking range is 32 blocks which can allow for many different layouts to fit personal taste and base design. Also it should be noted items cannot be automatically added to the Pedestal, they must be directly right clicked in and right clicked for removal. Should a player wish to know the name of an item within the pedestal they can sneak within a 3 block range and the name will appear akin to a player name plate.

Recipes include the creation of crystal blocks from 4 crystals, and the creation of a bucket of liquid essence from 4 crystals and a bucket. Many later tier machines and tools use this mechanic also

Staff In-World Crafting

Staff In-World Crafting is very much as it’s name implies, you lay out a recipe as if you were using a crafting table, then right click with a staff and, if it’s a registered recipe, the result item will appear before you. All recipes can be crafted from any orientation and direction.

Staff Crafting can be used to create many quick and shaped recipes such as Elemental Robes by laying out the wool similar to the vanilla recipe then placing a crystal block of the desired element in the middle.

Power Generation

Power generation is done by placing a Power Panel onto one of the sides of a Generator. The Power Panel can then be filled, by bucket, with one of the four base elements (earth, air, water, fire). The benefits of higher tier element usage are more power per bucket (1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 respectively). To then transfer the power one must create Elerum Packets. These are created initially through staff crafting with a block of coal, however this grants only a single packet, it is much more efficient, once one has a complete extracting and refining setup, to then use plasmas. The initial setup looks like:

Elerum Packets have very little storage capability at lower tiers so it is in the user’s best interests to create plasmas (coal, lapis, redstone, quartz, glowstone) by placing the corresponding block into a Refining Plinth, then using staff crafting to convert it into 3 Elerum Packets. Initially, with direct staff crafting you can only create coal tier packets and the recipe only grants a single packet.

Outside of this the Earthen Extraction Basin, requiring Liquid Earth Essence, allows doubling of ores by converting ore into extracted metal, this metal can then be placed in the Refining Plinth to create ingots. While it appears expensive initially, once a pool of essence is located in the world this process can become much cheaper.


Infusion is done with the following layout placing the target item in the Infuser, the catalyst items in the surrounding pedestals and the catalyst block beneath. An infusion recipe places a single tier of the target enchantment/armor buff on at once and also require certain amounts of power supplied via Elerum Packets. Note that infusion enchanting still obeys base Minecraft mechanics and you cannot place enchantments such as Fortune and Silk Touch on the same tool, you also cannot place enchantments on non-enchantable items such as Fish and Nether Stars.

Armor Infusion Recipes:

Infusion Enchantment:


Abilities are a unique mechanic utilizing no resources for use and relatively cheap crafting recipes, aside from a diamond, they also never ‘wear out’ or ‘break’, however their drawback is extensive cooldown timers. Some abilities such as stims and dashes have relatively short cooldowns, whilst more powerful ones can be up to 120 seconds. This creates for a very complex mechanic allowing ease of mobility, and strength in combat however if one becomes too reliant on these and ends up with all abilities on cooldown they may end up in a less than desirable situation.

Abilities come in several forms including Cast, Passive, Dying and AoE. The ability types are relatively self explanatory, passive will passively apply a buff to the player, dying triggers when you are on very low hp, zone will place a ‘zone’ within which creatures will be affected by the ability and AoE will burst an area around you. Use these wisely to turn battles and aid everyday Minecrafting, what may seem like a simple ability may have many more intricate and interesting uses. Abilities can also be levelled up through the infusion altar with only item catalysts, abilities can only be levelled up through specific ways reducing cooldown, increasing duration, potency and radius. The items required for each are:
Cooldown: Clock, glowstone
Potency: Redstone, Iron Sword
Duration: Slime Ball, Leather
Radius: Torch, Bow

This means, for example, that Immortal Spirit, which scales by cooldown and duration, requires a clock, a piece of glowstone, a slime ball and a piece of leather. Others only scale in 1 fashion and so only require 2 items. Press <Ctrl> while mousing over items to display their scaling mechanics.

Potion Effects:

What are all these strange buffs/potion effects I am receiving? What do they do? Why am I receiving them?

Well all the ‘potion effects’ in Mechalution are merely passive buffs outside of a few small examples, they are passively applied by their appropriate armor, can be forcibly applied to armor and are also received through several abilities.

What they do:

Earth Bond: Mitigates 25% of ALL damage taken, per level. Note this will round down and is mostly only obtainable in the weakest form, a few abilities grant higher levels of this buff.
Air Bond: Grants immunity to fall damage and drowning and will lessen the effect of starvation damage.
Water Bond: Negates all drowning damage and will randomly apply a regen buff whenever taking damage, again rounded down based on the damage taken.
Fire Bond: Grants immunity to fire of any form, in fire, on fire or swimming in lava. Simple but effective.
Dark Bond: Grants invisibility whenever the player is sneaking, will also weaken any magical damage taken.
Light Bond: Grants flight, much like creative flight except without being a cheater.


Elixirs are created by first adding water to a goblet, this must be done directly from a bucket due to the delicate nature of the gold from which the goblet is created. Then mobs must be added to the goblet, they need merely touch it to be consumed, whole, by the goblet. A single Elixir stores 4 uses upon being created by right-clicking a filled goblet with an empty Elixir Vial. Note that the potency of an elixir is the square root of the mobs added (ie. 1 mob gives the base level, 4 give 2, 9 give 3, 16 give 4, and so on). Adding quartz (right click) will increase all durations by 40% of their current value however there is a chance that the potency will decrease by one level. This chance is 10% times the current potency level, were you to craft it, and will reduce you down to the number of mobs required for the previous level. It is safer to buff duration at low levels but as a result you get less overall duration buff.

List of Buffs to Entities:

  • Bat – Night Vision
  • Blaze – Fire Resistance
  • Chicken – Airbond
  • Glint – Lightbond
  • Witch – Regeneration
  • Spider – Move Speed
  • Cow – Instant Health
  • Squid – Water Breathing
  • Zombie – Resistance
  • Rabbit – Jump Height (for 1.8)
  • Slime – Earthbond
  • Creeper – Haste
  • Zombie Pigman – Damage Boost
  • Sheep – Waterbond
  • Skeleton – Invisibility
  • Enderman – Darkbond
  • Magma Cube – Firebond
  • Pig – Saturation
  • Villager – Absorption
  • Ghast – Health Boost

Mechalution Mod Installation

  1. First you need download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Then download this Minecraft mod file at link below.
  3. Go to %appdata%. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “mods” folder does’nt exist in your PC, you’ll need create one.
  6. Then drag and drop the downloaded .jar (or .zip) file into mods folder.
  7. Enjoy.

Download Mechalution Mod

Mechalution Mod 1.7.10

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