Lucky Block Sly Mod 1.8, 1.7.10

Lucky Block Sly Mod 1.8, 1.7.10 is little contribution to the world of Lucky Block Addons. Hugely inspired by all of the other Lucky Block Addons, it includes items seen in some of the other Addons out there.

 Lucky Block Sly Mod

Custom Luck Crafting:

In addition to all of the old things you could use to make a block luckier or unluckier, you can also use;

  • bone’s for -7 luck
  • dragon egg’s for 100 luck
  • dirt for -1 luck
  • bedrock for -100 luck
  • nether star’s for 100 luck
  • ender chests for 15 luck
  • lapis block’s for 38 luck
  • redstone block’s for 32 luck
  • redstone dust for 3 luck

Lucky Block Sly Mod Installation:

  • 1) Load up a Minecraft 1.8 world with forge and the lucky blocks and .
  • 2) Go into your .minecraft folder
  • 3) Find a folder called Addons and double-click it
  • 4) Click on lucky_block folder
  • 5) Extract the zip file you downloaded into there.
  • 6) Relaunch minecraft!

Download Lucky Block Sly Mod:

Lucky Block Sly Mod 1.8

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