Lakitu and the Cloud Skin

Lakitu and the Cloud.
The cloud was the only thing left in the world that I trusted. It always took me to where I needed to be without questioning my judgement, and provided some much needed company in a rather lonesome desert. Now I trust no one.
Mario barged into the desert a few hours prior. He stole all of the items that I had stored up in the question mark boxes – they were going to be my sustenance for the deathly, freezing nights the desert faced. I heard the news from my Goomba Guards and rushed at once to go and find Mario myself – not quite believeing what I was being told. I grabbed the cloud and an armery of spike balls before setting out into the blistering heat.
As I flew above my community, the trail of destruction before me was devastating. Hundreds of dead Koopa Troopa’s filled the streets, their lifeless shells toppling over one another. Various dismembered Pokey’s scattered the ground, their spiked bodies crippled and limp against the sand. What an earth validates this violence? The desert kingdom have never done anything against Mario.
I sped up. Tears were filling my eyes when I saw the villages. There was nothing more to call a village, it was now just an area of rubble and cowering bodies. Stunned for few moments, I lost my concentration. Before I knew what had happened, I felt my arm burning: it was Mario and his fireballs. He was throwing them at me from below, chuckling as he did so.
I desperately chucked my spikeballs down to the ground trying not to focus on the searing pain in my arm, and hoping that one would get close enough to halt him in his progress. It didn’t. A barrage of fire hit me in the leg, shell and head, the latter being enough to make me lose my balance and fall from the cloud. I could only remember a few things from there:
The deafining thud of my body slumping onto the sandstone.
The darkness enveloping my vision.
And Mario stealing the cloud … my cloud. He winked as he flew away. He just made an enemy.

Lakitu and the Cloud Skin



  1. Download Lakitu and the Cloud Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Log into your account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

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