Jurassic Park Map

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Jurassic Park Map Installation

  1. For you to see the Dinosaurs on this map you will have to install a few mods. For this to work you will need to have minecraft 1.8.8 installed with forge.
  2. Once you have run forge successfully you will have a mods folder.
  3. Download the mods : Jurassiccraft, LLibrary, Optifine.
  4. After these files have been downloaded you will need to place them in your mods folder in your .minecraft folder, after this you should be able to spawn and see dinosaurs.
  5. Once you have installed the mods you will need the ‘Jurassic Park Resource Pack’ here: Jurassic+Park+Resource+Pack.zip.
  6. Lastly you should download the map and place it in your saves folder and play in Peaceful Mode, due to monsters spawning in undesired location.
  7. Make sure that when loading the map you answer yes to the block conflict options to do with Jurassiccraft. This may take some however it will resolve, be patient.

Map and Exploration

  • At the spawn you will be able to choose where to spawn on the island or you can travel down the boat and take a boat to the islands visitor dock.
  • The island is 8 km long and 2 km wide, since this is such a large area you will need a map to help find your way around, this is below for you.
  • The Island tour which starts in the Visitor Center can get slow performance over large distances, it is therefore recommended that you use Multi-core chunk loading. This option is found in Video Settings with Optifine.
  • If you are lost in this map, you may have to use the /kill command to restart at the boat. From here you should be able to restart the tour by following the red buoys to the Visitor Dock.

Download Jurassic Park Map

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