Hunger Strike Mod 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4

The purpose of Hunger Strike Mod 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4 is to dial back the hunger system for players that wish to play in a Survival world without having to constantly feed themselves. This mod is designed to be configurable on a per-player basis for SMP servers, so not all players need to be forced one way or the other. This will tilt balance, but whether that is acceptable is up to you.

Hunger Strike Mod

This mod makes the following functional changes for affected players:

  • The hunger bar is fixed at half capacity. This allows sprinting and disables health regen.
  • If the player is afflicted with the “hunger” effect, their hunger bar will drop below the sprint threshold.
  • If the player is affliced with the “regeneration” effect, their hunger bar will max out.
  • Eating food will instantly restore health at half the food value of a given food item (configurable). E.g., a cookie will restore a half heart. A cooked porkchop will restore 2 hearts.
  • Optionally hide the hunger bar.
  • Optionally change the stack size of food.


This mod will create a configuration file ‘hungerstrike.cfg’.

  • Mode: How the mod is applied to players. Acceptable values are NONE, LIST, and ALL. Default is ALL.
    • NONE: Hunger strike is disabled for all players.
    • LIST: Hunger strike is enabled only for players added in-game with the /hungerstrike command.
    • ALL: Hunger strike is enabled for all players.
  • FoodHealFactor: How to translate food points into heart points when consuming food. At the default value of 0.5, food fills your heart bar at half the rate it would fill hunger.
  • MaxFoodStackSize: Globally overrides the maximum stack size of food items. Affects all Vanilla and Mod food items that derive from ItemFood. Set to -1 to retain the default stack size of each food item. Note: This will affect the entire server, not just players on hunger strike. Default is -1.
  • HideHungerBar: Controls whether or not the hunger bar is hidden for players on hunger strike. If the hunger bar is left visible, it will remain filled at half capacity, except when certain potion effects are active like hunger and regeneration. Default is true.
  • HungerBaseline: The default hunger level when no status effects are active. Valid range is [1 – 20], with 20 being fully filled, and 10 being half-filled. The default value is 10, which disables health regen but allows sprinting.

The configration can be modified in-game via commands, as well as directly editing the file.


The mod comes with commands to manage players and affect mode. These commands are op-level.

  • /hungerstrike
  • /hungerstrike add <player>: Enable hunger strike for the given player (if mode is LIST)
  • /hungerstrike remove <player>: Disable hunger strike for the given player (if mode is LIST)
  • /hungerstrike list: List all players hunger strike is enabled for
  • /hungerstrike mode: Show the current mode
  • /hungerstrike setmode : Set the current mode.

Hunger Strike Mod Installation:

  1. If your mod need Forge, you need download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Open minecraft.jar file at: C:\Users\(your computer name)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin or searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu. Open minecraft.jar with Winrar or Winzip.
  3. Open the .zip/.rar/folder of your mod and drag and drop the contents into the minecraft.jar.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar. Then close minecraft.jar.
  5. Open Minecraft and play!
  6. If your mod does not work or you see a black screen: You need Delete your minecraft.jar found here “C:\Users\(your computer name)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin”. Then Open Minecraft, let it auto-update so your .jar can be restord. Attempt to re-install your mod.

Download Hunger Strike Mod:

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