Homecraft Mineware Mod 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4

Homecraft Mineware Mod 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.9.4 intentions are to fill the decorative gap left in the base game by adding useful fluff objects. Homecraft Mineware does not contain a great deal but what does exist is lovingly crafted by Rorax and AtomicBlom to give you a few useful and beautiful objects to decorate your minecraft bases with.

Mod features:

  • Four Post Bed
  • Bed with Canopy
  • Lantern
  • Candle Holder
  • Fluid Barrel
  • Item Barrel
  • Chest of Drawers

You can light the Lantern and Candle Holders with a flint and steel. Fear not though in the future we intend to add many more objects and this is just our offering for our first release. Some items to look forward to are tables, chairs, doors, desks, shelves, crates, and many more strictly decorative items.

Homecraft Mineware Mod Installation

  1. First you need download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Then download this Minecraft mod file at link below.
  3. Go to %appdata%. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “mods” folder does’nt exist in your PC, you’ll need create one.
  6. Then drag and drop the downloaded .jar (or .zip) file into mods folder.
  7. Enjoy.

Download Homecraft Mineware Mod

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