Highlands Mod 1.8, 1.7.10

Highlands Mod 1.8, 1.7.10 is a mod that created to make exploring and living in the world of Minecraft more fun. This mod adds many more mountains and hills than in vanilla Minecraft. It includes many varied environments and sub-biomes that represent features like mountains, lakes, forest clearings, valleys, and islands. Highlands  mod uses no modded blocks in world generation, so worlds created with Highlands can be enjoyed by anyone with Minecraft.

Highlands Mod

Mod Features:

  • Over 40 new biomes
  • 14 new trees
  • A variety of useful small plants
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer
  • Highlands and Highlands Large Biomes World Types
  • biome-specific ore generation (some biomes have more ores!)
  • All trees can be grown with saplings and bonemeal
  • 256 block high Mountains
  • More realistic biome placement
  • Villages in more biomes
  • Better oceans and islands
  • Tons of options to customize
  • Uses Forge


  • Adirondacks – Tall mountains of dirt and exposed stone, with forested foothills.
  • Alps – Inhospitable mountains covered in deep snow, with pine forests in the valleys.
  • Badlands – Plateaus and valleys of clay and dirt.
  • Bald Hill – a tall treeless hill that provides a good lookout point over forests.
  • Bamboo Forest – a dense forest of thin bamboo plants.
  • Dry Forest – a low landscape covered in Aspen trees and shrubs.
  • Dunes – rolling sand hills with dry grass and occasional palm trees.
  • Grey Mountains – Ominous rocky crags covered in boulders and gnarled plants. The forested valleys contain many dead trees.
  • Highlands – rolling hills covered in shrubs and flowering plants.
  • Lake – a small body of water that appears in many inland biomes. Poplar trees can grow on the shores.
  • Lowlands – Scattered lakes and low hills with stone and pine trees.
  • Meadow – An idyllic plain with poplar trees and many flowers.
  • Mojave – A dry semi-desert with red sand and Acacia trees.
  • Pinelands – Tall but weathered hills and mountains with pine trees and shrubs.
  • Poplar Hills – Lakes and hills covered in poplar trees.
  • Redwood Forest – A dense forest with fir and giant redwood trees, and a podzol floor.
  • Tropical Hills – Tall hills with a forest of Eucalyptus trees.
  • Tropical Islands – A player lost at sea might discover one of these palm tree covered islands.

Trees and Plants:

  • Aspen – A medium tree with light colored wood and autumn leaves.
  • Bamboo – A small tree with a very thin stem.
  • Eucalyptus – a tall straight tree that grows in the tropics.
  • Fir – A tall thin pine tree with dark wood.
  • Palm – A tropical palm tree.
  • Poplar – A small tree that grows straight and thin.
  • Redwood – A giant redwood tree that can grow to be more than 40 blocks tall.
  • Dead – An oak tree that has lost all of its leaves.
  • Great Oak – Oak trees can grow much more massive in the forests of Highlands.
  • Shrubs – pine and oak shrubs that grow low to the ground.
  • Waterflower – Small blue flowers on a dark stem.
  • Cattail – Reeds that grow in the swamps and wetlands.
  • Cotton – A bush with fluffy white tufts that can be spun into cloth.
  • Blueberry Bush – Wild blueberries that grow in hilly areas.
  • Raspberry Bush – Wild raspberries that grow in hilly areas.
  • Lavender – A purple flowering plant.
  • Tropical Leaf Fern – a fern-like plant with one big leaf.
  • Thornbush – A bush with prickly thorns.
  • Dune Grass – A dry tuft of grass that can grow on sand.

Install Highlands Mod

You must have Forge installed first. Download Highlands mod with the link below and place the zip file in the “mods” folder. Highlands will generate a settings file the first time you run Minecraft.

Download Minecraft Highlands Mod:

Highlands mod for Minecraft 1.7.2

Highlands mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Highlands mod for Minecraft 1.8

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