Guardian Protector of Emperor Dragon Ddraig Skin

Guardian Protector of Emperor Dragon Ddraig  Skin

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Backstory: Real History with a sprinkle of fantasy and conspiracy.

ßack in the Middle Ages; the time of Shining Knights and Castles, two great armies fought. The white dragon symbolises England and the red dragon (Ddraig) symbolises Wales. Ddraig fought the invading White Dragon. They fought with such strength and power, it lead to the two armies to be inflicted with great losses in their armies.


The injuries endured on both of the Dragons were so bad that they made pained shrieks that caused animals to perish, women to miscarry and plants to become barren. Lludd, king of Britain, goes to his wise brother Llefelys in France. Llefelys tells him to dig a pit in the centre of Britain, fill it with mead, and cover it with cloth. Lludd does this, and the dragons drink the mead and fall asleep.


The dragons remained there for Centuries after. One day King Vortigern tried to build a castle there. Every night the Castle foundations and walls fell down every night by some unseen forces. These were the Dragons Half awake, still fighting eachother. Vortigern consults his advisers. These advisers said you need to sacrife a boy with no natural Father. Vortigern does find a boy. In some later history it is said he would become Merlin who was one of the wisest wizards to ever live. He had a sense and told King Vortigern that there were two Dragons under there that kept destorying the walls every night. So King Vortigern opened up the hill, and freed the two dragons.


And so they began two fight again. Ddraig (Red Dragon) finally defeats the White Dragon. Ddraig is so heavily injured that he decided to put his remaining strength into a Sacred Armor, blessed by his great power. Another part of his power went into 1 Guardian Protector who would protect this Sacred Armor until the Chosen One was born and could wield it. He buried this all with the Guardian Protector deep underground in a green crystal cavern. The green crystals had the special ability of holding in the power of the dragon.

Sacred Armor:
And so to this day, the chosen one hasn’t come. The complete isolation of this cavern has allowed no intruder to even try and get this armor.

To this modern day, people have major theories about this great armor that everyone seeks to wield. A newly created Anime, Highschool DxD has Ddraig and this Sacred Armor shown. The Sacred Armor picture shown above is from it. That is a theory of what the actual armor could look like. Nobody knows. To this day, this is all one major conspiracy.


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Format: Minecraft 1.7+ Skin 64×64

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