“Gemini” Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map

Strongest carrier of The Zyraitix Empire, the Zyraitix SS03-Overlord is one of the 12 Zodiac Ships of The Zyraitix Empire which it was build with tough armor. It equipped with Anti-Gravity Sphere to be able to enter the surface of a planet without dropping down like a meteor. It carries 74 “P43-Aether Fighter” (Speed-Type Fighter) and 74 “U19-Terra Fighter” (Armored-Type Fighter). SS03-Overlord also equipped with 28 AA42-Rapid Turret and 24 E44-EMP Laser/Missile Turret for its own protection.

  • Hull Point: 42500 (Very High) ██████████
  • Hull Strength:500 (High) ██████████
  • Firepower: 750 (Normal) ██████████
  • Speed: 110km/h (Low) ██████████
  • Steering: 10 deg/s (Very Low) ██████████
  • Ship Role: Carrier
  • Ship Attribute: Defense
  • Special Ability: Twin Aura

►Between the aura of earth and wind, this ability increase the Toughness and Speed of nearby ally and greatly increase the main attribute of its fighter.
P43-Aether Fighter Details:
One of the fast fighter, P43-Aether use as main fighter. With its great firepower, this ship can destroy its target easily but its armor are not strong enough to protect itself against high impact weapons.

  • Hull Point: 500 (Low) ██████████
  • Hull Strength:20 (Very Low) ██████████
  • Firepower: 75 (High) ██████████
  • Speed: 310km/h (High) ██████████
  • Steering: 60 deg/s (Normal) ██████████
  • Ship Role: Striker
  • Ship Attribute: Speed

U19-Terra Fighter Details:
U19-Terra are normal fighters with tough armor. It can be use as a recon and guardian in a sigle escort mission.

  • Hull Point: 800 (Normal) ██████████
  • Hull Strength:75 (High) ██████████
  • Firepower: 60 (Normal) ██████████
  • Speed: 220km/h (Normal) ██████████
  • Steering: 45 deg/s (Normal) ██████████
  • Ship Role: Protector
  • Ship Attribute: Defense

Gemini Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map (2) Gemini Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map (3) Gemini Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map (4) Gemini Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map (5) Gemini Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map (6) Gemini Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map (1)

“Gemini” Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map Installation:

  1. Download “Gemini” Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map
  2. On Windows, use keys Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (On a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/). This will open the saves folder.
  3. Drag your downloader map (after unzip or unrar) in the zip/rar folderMap into saves folder.
  4. Close windows and reopen Minecraft.
  5. Select your map and play.

Download “Gemini” Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map:

“Gemini” Zyraitix SS03-Overlord Map.rar

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