Galileo Agent Penguin Skin

Galileo Agent Penguin Skin

The Story:

passage of time, equipment, machines, weapons, and wars system. has progressed significantly.and have been reconstruction a large number of deserts. And one of those deserts (Atacama desert), which exist in the west of South American continent. the reconstruction, have been a part of nearly a quarter, but there was one of the countries wanted to capture it, there was a nuclear world war, was throwing the most powerful nuclear bombs in the world. It led to the southern of hemisphere, and part of the northern hemisphere transformation to ice! In addition, have changed characteristics of many humans, and animals who are in South America.many people injured palsy, and changed animals pages, and in particular (Penguins). became for them ability to think like humans, but even so the penguins lost a large amount of lipid. that are found beneath the leather to protect them from the cold, therefore gathered large groups of penguins in the southern parts of the continent of South America, in order to heating. they become up to ten thousand! the atmosphere was strong impact poisoned,so a large number of young penguins died! because of weakened immune systems. penguins decided to send a group of not less than two thousand, to let them know what cause of the explosion and try to find anything to keep warm, and they made for them a leader was characterized by intelligent and wisdom, was claiming: Galileo. the trip has been going on for two weeks, until they came to Atacama Desert, but unfortunately had died five hundred Penguin! when they arrived they found many of coats, and oxygen pipes. to protect them from the cold/poisoned air. They decided to send five hundred penguins to tell the rest what they found. Galileo walked in those frozen desert, and found many of laboratories, and found inside a group of humans who are paralyzed, and found some other infected with other diseases, Galileo grieved of what he saw the bad case which reached to humans. he spoke to some of humans who have health is not bad, they said to him the cause of all that is the nuclear wars! which had changed  the air to snow. Galileo wept when he knew conflict between humans which do not benefit one. he decided to help humans. on the other hand, when five hundred arrived to the rest of penguins and told them what happend, they was afraid of death during way there, so they decided to stay, and not to go, also five hundred penguins decided to stay, Galileo become with a few number of the penguins. he became with fifty penguins only! and was at this time he was working with the help of humans, and penguins which remaining on a bomb restore everything as it was!but unfortunately, Galileo was very ill, but they could make one bomb! may re-South America, as it was. then after few the only penguin which has remained (Galileo) died!! humans used bomb, and have re South America as it was, and have re humans and penguins as they were, and have re the air as it was. the entire world knew what happened in South America they went out fast, and talked with humans how they made that bomb? and used the all over the world, and the climate back as it was… (The End!)


Galileo Agent Penguin Skin Installation

  1. Download Galileo Agent Penguin Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Log into your account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

Download Galileo Agent Penguin Skin

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