Drillhead Skin

Drillheads are a species of creatures lurking deep beneath the ground, drilling tunnels with their giant drill-shaped heads and clawing through dirt and stone using their metallic claws. Drillheads are covered in dirt-colored armor which protects them while tunneling through the ground. Although drillheads may look intimidating, they are not hostile towards humans nor any other animals, and avoid encountering them. Drillheads are eyeless and collect water and minerals from the ground.

Drillhead Skin


  1. Download Drillhead Skin
  2. Go to https://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.7+ Skin 64×64

Download Drillhead Skin:


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