Dragonblood Skin

Dragonblood Skin

Thousands of years from now, humans began colonizing planets on faraway solar systems. Slowly, but surely. The first few colonizing ships took hundreds of years to travel to their destinations but with the help of newly developed technology, the pace slowly began to quicken and humans thrived on distant worlds. One late group of pioneers settled in a planet far away, with bizarre creatures unlike any before, on Planet 14X-166A. The humans struggled to survive in the new landscape but they were able to get by.

The Earth was destroyed. The nearby planets were destroyed. No one knew what had happened. The colonies had been broken free from their leashes. No longer communicating with anything, the colonies became isolated. Alone. In space.

The humans living on 14X-166A continued their lives and time slowly moved. Millenniums passed and the Earth is no more than a mere legend. The humans are left with nothing but the technologies of the past. But even those slowly became obsolete. Threatened by other intelligent species and creatures on the planet, the humans are alone. Superstitions emerged. Legends unfolded.

And so begins a new dark age…

Dragonblood Skin Installation

  1. First you need download Dragonblood Skin
  2. Then go to https://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your Minecraft account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Open Minecraft and enjoy your new cool Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

Download Dragonblood Skin

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