Djörk – King of Illithids Skin

 Illithids are a group of warlock, malicious, highly intelligent beings. Their bizarre appearence can be linked to “a man with the head of an octopus”. Legend says that only one with a stonger mind can survive their deadly hipnotic and mind-controlling powers. To add up to their danger, illithids preffer to live far away from the light of day, and so live hidden bellow the ground in horrific dungeons or dark caves, prepared to come out of the shadows and attack by surprise.

Djörk, son of the warlock Urfus, was one of these mind flayers. After his father was killed by desobeying the lords that possesed power over their race, Djörk wanted revenge. Secretly, he asked for the help of the great wise Mathandrupus, an old illithid living on the lower parts of the dugeons where all the knowledge of the humans were stored. Mathandrupus told him:
“The Lords only have power because we let them have it. We are many, they are few.”
These words enlightened Djörk. If he somehow could tell the illithids what the legion really was, maybe they could turn agains them and the lords would have no hope to survive.
So, overnight(although it was always dark down there), Djörk preaperd an uprising. Knowing illithids never sleep, the headquarters of the human lord Avidus(the ruler of the illithids) were heavly guarded by golems. But Djörk knew this, so what he did was he told the rest of his followers to hide and continued alone. When his slim figure reached the underground doors, he asked to see Avidus. But, as if the golems had guessed, they walked towards him in an offensive way.
Surprise surprise, a swarm of illithids broke through the back door. It’s generated chaos throughout the sone walls.

Taking advantage of the confusion, Djörk enters the facility and runs upstairs. When he reaches the top he breaks through a wooden door, enters a weirdly decorated conpartment with lots of shelves and finds Avidus awake getting ready to fight. Djörk draws his sword, this was the final battle.
Avidus runs to his shelf and trows a bunch of potions of confusion to the ground  where Djörk was. It was a reflex, although he forgot one small detail: illithids are imune to potions. Djörk comes out of the blue smoke with the eyes glowing in the dark. Avidus backs away until he can’t anymore. The illithid holds the sword up to his chin and says: “You killed my father.” To which he replies: “Why are you doing this? It was an accident!” Djörk doesn’t stop looking directly to his eyes and replies: “We are sick of your lies, Avidus.” And with a firm stroke, kills Avidus.
Djörk is crowned King of the Illithids the next day, the research facilities are set to flames and the mind flayer race is free once again.

Djörk - King of Illithids Skin

Djörk – King of Illithids Skin Installation:

  1. Download Djörk – King of Illithids Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Log into your account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

Download Djörk – King of Illithids Skin:

Djörk – King of Illithids Skin.png

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