Cyclic Mod 1.10.2, 1.9.4

Cyclic Mod 1.10.2, 1.9.4 is a mod about Items tools and features with nothing in common. This mod adds a ton of random items and changes that have no consistent theme. (Inspired in part by Quark and Extra Utilities).

Overview of items in the creative inventory

 Cyclic Mod (2)

Cyclic Mod (1)

Slime Pads: launch up any entity that lands on it.  Can be upgraded.

Cyclic Scepter: A Tool for long range building – The mod is named after this item.Piston Scepter – Push pull and rotate blocks.  It even pushes chests and keeps their inventory.

Brewable Potions of Resistance, Haste, Health Boost, Luck, Waterwalk, Levitation, Magnet, Ender Aura, and Slowfall

Emerald Apple to cure villagers and unlock any ‘X’d out trades

Unlockable Survival inventory tabs

A sack that transports blocks with inventory (such as chests) with their contents

A machine that reverses crafting

A machine that builds simple structures over time – circles and walls

Example of one of the many config pages

Ender Book to save waypoints and teleport back to where you have already been (same dimension)

Three different Scythes to harvest large areas.  The Garden Scythe replants crops for you.

World Generation changes

Magic Bean – gives a random mystery item when harvested.

Slime Conveyor

  • Emerald armor & tools that are weaker than diamond, but stronger than iron
  • New enchantments: Double Jump, Venom, Magnet
  • Projectiles, such as fire, lightning, water, explosions
  • Dungeon finder that works like the ender eye but finds the closest spawner
  • Food to upgrade horses
  • A reuseable ender pearl
  • Chorus based food that lets you phase through walls
  • Three different scythes to cut down leaves and plants, and replants crops for you

Also changes to game logic – all shown in the in-game config menu

  • Expanded player inventory and 3×3 crafting (eat special food to unlock)
  • Editing signs with your bare hand
  • Faster ladder climbing
  • Unbreakable spawners
  • More items burnable as fuel
  • Tweaked mob drops
  • Mobs spawn in more biomes
  • Ore spawns in the nether and end
  • Open chests right through signs
  • changes to saplings
  • generate gold in rivers
  • generate crops in certain biomes
  • generate different ocean gravel
  • Ender pearls work on horseback – your mount comes with you
  • heart container item to increase your health
  • 4 new enchantments
  • upgrade your horses  speed health and jump
  • 2 new villager types added with new trades – Sage and Druid

Cyclic Mod Installation

  1. First you need download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Then download this Minecraft mod file at link below.
  3. Go to %appdata%. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu.
  4. Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. If the “mods” folder does’nt exist in your PC, you’ll need create one.
  6. Then drag and drop the downloaded .jar (or .zip) file into mods folder.
  7. Enjoy.

Download Cyclic Mod

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