Corrupt infirmity Skin

Corrupt infirmity Skin

Long story thing

Many miles I have walked alongside my two best pals by now, hunger and thirst. My grandpa used to say, I survived the nuclear war, so you can survive anything too. After all that I have been through, surviving in this dusty and cold wasteland is the last thing I want to do. I remember the good times, when our camp was still standing. The smell of hot soup and the warmth of fire, feelings I can barely remember anymore. Dad would always find insects that we could eat in the worst of times; we would never starve as long as we had him.

Days were happy until they came, the mindless wanderers. It was a Tuesday or maybe a Wednesday. Either way, the day started out as usual, dad would go hunting for food and mom would prepare the water for when I was playing around with my brother. We had both irregular skulls according to others, and our horn-like teeth did not disprove that theory. We were told it was only natural; the past nuclear war had left scars on everyone, for instance I was told that my weird skull and my animal like arm was all because of the radiation resulting in mutation. The ultimate scar however, had to be the eternal winter. By now, the cool temperatures and dry air were only natural to us.

It was around lunchtime we saw the silhouettes in the background. We thought it was dad returning with dinner, how wrong we were. I remember seeing two men running towards us, swinging from side to side. Mom screamed out ‘Cannibals’ as the men took out the knife and torch and attacked us. Then it all went blank.

When I woke up again, I could not remember anything but that from the past, it felt as if it was gone. I could not feel the usual cold, and the several smells were non-existent to me. The camp was burnt down, and my mom and brother were gone, I only saw the red carpet below me as I began walking away from my previous home.

Searching for days, I finally found my way out of the starving days: Water that led to a village. I walked and walked for ages, how long I do not remember but it felt like a marathon or at least the depiction of a marathon my grandpa gave me. The village however ignored me! I could not accept dying, I do not remember what happened next, and all I remember is that I left the village without starving again, walking side-to-side and feeling weird constantly, just like the wanderers that made my family disappear.

I remember the first time I saw my reflection in the ice, my skin was burnt, half of my face was ripped off, and my clothes were shredded, maybe the cool disappeared because of brain damage. I have also noticed my wounds healing incredibly fast, I was once told this was the first stages to something they call cancer. Walking around from town to town seemed like my destiny, the one thing I could do in life. Never finding any friends or companions. I have begun to doubt myself; maybe I have eaten every other person I have met. I heard someone scream, “There is a Kuru-infected coming our way” as I walked towards him. Every time I leave a human camp, they humans are always gone, and the red carpet is rolled out below me.

I have also noticed pain all over my body, alongside huge weird bumps on my skin, they are brown and they keep appearing. My mobility is getting worse day by day and I am getting weaker. It must be because I went into that destroyed city.

Maybe this is because of the nuclear winter too? Maybe it has decided that I can stop wandering around. If that is so, that is probably for the better…

Corrupt infirmity Skin Installation

  1. Download Corrupt infirmity Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Log into your account and browse your skin then click upload image.
  4. Play Minecraft and enjoy your new Skin.

Format: Minecraft 1.8+ Skin 64×64

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